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We love Burgundy!  Burgundy just isn't Napa, Sonoma, Oregon or Bordeaux, or really almost anywhere else. This is true not only in the nuanced characteristics and terroir of the wine, but in our ability to get our hands on the bottles we covet most. Our local wine shops - and even internet shops - occasionally sell a few bottles from our favorite winemakers, but consistency of supply is rarely found, and it takes effort to search them out and to react quickly when an offering flies by.  Pricing can often be a problem as highly sought after wines and vintages get marked up in the channel.  BurgDirect was created to simply clear up all of these troubles.  

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Jeff Rubin

What was “your bottle of Burgundy”?  The one that opened your eyes, and subsequently damaged your wallet.  Mine?  1970 George De Vogue Musigny (for $20!).  I was commuting to a summer job in college with a friend who knew about wine, and like a dope dealer, he plied me with similar amusements all summer.  By the time I returned to school, I was organizing tastings.  Slowly I built and built my inventory, until it reached silly levels and my wife accused me of having a problem.  I’m sure my story is not unusual.

I joined, dropped, and joined some more mailing lists from great wineries in the US. I’ve long lamented that these lists were for domestic wine only, while specific examples of Burgundy were harder to find than the Napa stuff.  One day while in Burgundy (again), I decided that the system which underserved American collectors needed disruption. Using an ecommerce engine coupled with an innovative importer, BurgDirect was born!  It’s hard to envision this solving my hoarding problem.

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Bill Hebert

Maybe it’s because my last name is French or because I studied at Stanford-in-Tours during my junior year in college, I have always loved traveling in France and drinking French wine. Knowing this, my friend Jeff Rubin invited me to join him on a personally curated wine tasting trip to Burgundy, and so began my addiction to the wines and terroir of the Cote d'Or.  Just minutes into our first visit, I was hooked. Since graduating from law school at Berkeley and working full-time as a lawyer the last 30 years or so, I haven't had the time to spend in France that I would have liked. But now that I'm semi-retired as a lawyer and that I'm involved with BurgDirect, I have an excuse to spend lots of time on two of my favorite things: France and Burgundian wine. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn.com/in/williamhebert/.