How IT Works

It's all pretty simple.  We bypass the usual network of importers, wholesalers and retailers, and link you more directly with the vignerons themselves.  You sign up as a member, gain access to rare wines through upcoming offers of bundles of six bottles, make an online credit card purchase ($US), and then wait about 5-8 weeks for delivery. 

When you think about it, it works a lot like a Napa Cabernet-cult mailing list system.  Only it's Burgundy!!


We work directly with top wineries

If you love Burgundy wines -- as we do -- you first need to find the most highly rated winemakers and then you need to find where you might possibly buy those wines in the United States. We do the legwork for you. We have developed relationships with some of the highest rated domaines in Burgundy, and arrange to ship their wines right to your door. Once you join (for free) as a member of BurgDirect, we will give you exclusive access to dedicated allocations of their finest wines. We can give you a direct connection to the best domaines in Burgundy!


Place an order

Sign up for the mailing lists at the bottom of any page and create an account. Then wait for the next offer.  We will periodically send you offers from your chosen winemakers; generally these offers are for the latest vintage of their top wines, although they will occasionally include special cuvees (rarely sold in the U.S.) or selections from past vintages.  You will have a week or so to decide what to order.  When you are ready, select all of the offers that you wish to buy and pay for the wine and shipping using US dollars (credit card).  It's pretty darn simple.


We'll take care of the details

Congratulations, you've secured your Burgundy! After you've paid for your wine, we will take care of everything.  BurgDirect has partnered with Cote d'Or Imports, a US-based wine importer with a long record of excellent, careful service.  Cote d'Or will collect your wine directly from the winemaker, prepare it for customs and shipping in their Nuits-St. Georges warehouse, and then send it to the US using temperature-controlled air or ocean freight shipping.  This process takes about 5-8 weeks, but you will generally receive your wine before it is available in domestic retail outlets (assuming it can even be found in such stores!)

burgundy-box - not cleared.jpg

delivered to your door

Once the wine arrives in Cote d'Or Imports' US warehouse, you will be contacted to arrange for the timing of delivery right to your front door.  Your wines (perhaps acquired from multiple winemaker offers) will be consolidated into sturdy and safe shipping boxes, then sent via a reputable carrier such as Federal Express.  (The delivery must be accepted by someone over 21 years of age.)  If you choose, you can ask for the wine to be held at a local Federal Express office, where you can pick it up. Higher speed and fully-refrigerated shipping options for delivery are also available, so location and hot weather are not problems.

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