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Mailing lists and Allocations like American wineries?  You bet!

Perhaps you've traveled to the Cote d'Or and purchased at the cellar door. It can be magical, but expensive and time consuming.  Buyers of cult and hard-to-find wines from Napa, Oregon and elsewhere are familiar with the benefits of being an insider with favorite wineries - from mailing list allocations to special event invitations.  But Burgundy - there's no terroir or wine quite like it - has never been attainable via a direct relationship when you're in the US and the winery is in France. 

That's all changed.  Now you can visit the winemaker at his/her Burgundian cellar door - virtually.  You can join their mailing lists, and get home delivery of their latest vintages. And you can do it here!  Old World wines; New World ordering and direct delivery.


How Does it work?

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...to gain access, and review the offers when they come.  When ordering, pay with a credit card in US$.  You now own the wine in France!


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Direct Shipment to USA

Using our long-standing, reliable US-based freight forwarder, Cote d'Or Imports, your wine will ship directly from the domaines to their US-based temperature-controlled warehouse.

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delivered to
your door

Your orders are consolidated and shipped domestically right to your door.  It's that easy.

Why buy direct?

Ask yourself, "Why do I buy directly from US-based wineries?"  Is it the desire to directly support your favorite winemakers?  Perhaps it's because you seek guaranteed availability of hard to find wines?  It could also be that you want assurances of provenance - that it's the real deal handled properly all the way to your cellar.  Maybe you just enjoy having that relationship and feeling closer to the vineyards and the lifestyle.  Well then, why wouldn't you want all of that from the always difficult to find, tiny quantity-producing winemakers of Burgundy?  Through BurgDirect, you can!

From the winemaker’s cellar directly to yours
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